Welcome to Paracordguy.com! Our goal has always been to bring you the highest quality handmade paracord gear. When you purchase from us you can do so with confidence knowing that every piece is woven by hand right here in the United States. Triple checked for quality and consistency and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you know your gear will be worth every hard earned penny you spend with us.


All of our gear is made with 100% American Made Type III Commercial parachute cord with 7 inner strands. This is rated at 550lbs and all of our gear can be unraveled and used in an emergency situation. If you ever need to unravel your gear for an emergency, we will replace it!


The products we offer are designed to last, and have been tested in harsh climates all over the world. From the bitter Lost California Coast, to the jungles of South America, whether in the harsh cold of the Canadian tundra or the Plains of Africa, “Para-Cord Guy” is a name that is trusted worldwide. Whatever adventures you take, your Para-Cord Guy gear will serve you faithfully along the way.


Thank you for shopping The Para-Cord Guy and enjoy the outdoors. ~ Antone Andrade, Owner